Nursing Services

Cook Children's Home Health offers comprehensive skilled nursing care to patients spanning from birth to young adults in the home setting. Our nurses are highly qualified in the care of pediatric patients with a vast knowledge of clinical skills including but not limited to pediatric assessments, infusion therapy, enteral therapy and central line care. We strive to provide high quality care in a safe and comfortable environment. Our nursing staff will work with you and your family to coordinate care to develop an individualized comprehensive Plan of Care assuring all aspects of care are assessed including the physical, emotional and psychosocial needs. Our goal is to provide you with education and a better understanding of how you can become independent and comfortable with your child's care.

Comprehensive Nursing Care


  • Infusion therapy including but not limited to antibiotics, enzyme therapy, pamidronate, IVIG, hydration and TPN
  • Weight checks and assessments for pediatric patients
  • Enteral therapy education including gastrostomy and NG tube care
  • Central line care and maintenance
  • Newborn phototherapy assessments and lab draws
  • Other skilled needs as prescribed by your physician appropriate for the home environment


The care coordinator for your child will:

  • Collaborate with the case manager and discharge planners to facilitate your child's discharge from the hospital
  • Provide hospital pre-teaches
  • Assist with transition from the hospital to home
  • Create and supervise an individualized Plan of Care with collaboration from interdisciplinary teams to facilitate holistic approach to your child's care
  • Provide the doctor with updates on your child's care and progress


  • Your nurse will call to confirm your visit time and address the night prior to the visit, when appropriate.
  • The nurse will bring the necessary equipment, supplies and/or medications to the visit, or arrangements will be made to have these items delivered prior to the visit.
  • On the initial visit, it will be necessary that the patient's legal representative be present to sign all required paperwork.
  • It is also important to be available during your child's scheduled appointment times to participate in the care of your child.
  • The nursing visit will usually last between one to three hours depending on the complexity of care ordered by your child's doctor.

Contact Cook Children's Home Health

Physicians and referral sources, please contact your local Cook Children's Home Health office or call 1-800-747-8242.

If you or your office would like to meet with a representative, please contact your local physician liaison.

Referrals may be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours, an answering service will connect referring physicians or clinicians to the on-call nurse

If your child has a supply, equipment or nursing need, please contact your child's physician for a referral to Cook Children's Home Health.

If you have general questions about our services and locations, please contact your local Cook Children's Home Health office or call 1-800-747-8242.