Spinal Scoliosis Care

Scoliosis is an "S" or "C" shaped curvature of the spine greater than 10 degrees. Once a curve gets bigger than 25 degrees, there is a good chance their orthopedic surgeon will prescribe a scoliosis brace, which is designed to prevent the curve from worsening or getting larger. Braces are worn until the patient's spine is finished growing.

There are two major types of scoliosis bracing:

  • Night-time - Only worn at night, it is used to hold the patient in curved position.
  • Full-time - Worn 16-23 hours a day and uses strategically placed pads and straps to correct the scoliosis.

Your child's physician will choose which device is best to treat their particular curve.

Spondylolisthesis, a fracture at the very bottom of the spine, is another common back condition that is treated with a brace. The brace is a thin shell that is worn very tight in order to take the pressure off of the injured vertebrae. Typically these braces are worn for three to four months or until their doctor releases them from bracing treatment.

Cook Children's orthotics specializes in all types of spinal orthosis for your child. We provide custom and off the shelf style spinal orthotics. The type of spine braces we provide are, but not limited to: Halo's, cervical collars, CTO, CTLSO, TLSO, LSO, and sacroiliac supports. We have full time spinal orthotists on staff with combined experience of over 34 years. We utilize 4-D scanning equipment to fabricate and customize your child's back brace. We treat all conditions and are here to serve your family. Please consult with your physician to determine the proper type of spine brace for your child.

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